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Infrastructure as a Service

We know that keeping decentralized infrastructure can be a burden

Alleviate the technical and monetary burdens of managing, maintaining, and monitoring infrastructure

What we do

We seek to alleviate the burden of decentralized infrastructure by leveraging Google Cloud Platform services. By balancing the values of decentralization with the performance, availability, and flexibility of a hyper-scaled cloud service we provide a managed service that scales with the challenges of modern high-throughput blockchains. From managing your clusters with GKE, maintaining your IAS deployments, to monitoring through Looker Studio-- BCWT IAAS provides numerous ways to meet the demands of your web3 customers.


We utilize cloud native services to ensure secure & comprehensive data migration while building out landing zones to accommodate both current and future migration activities.

  • We can deploy any number of landing zones for a variety of services on Cloud Compute
  • Kubernetes Engine (GKE) allows us to consistently deploy services in a secure manner and scale in an orchestrated manner.
  • Our Linux & Docker specialists will ensure that packages, libraries, and containers stay up-to-date with the latest upstream changes.
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